Edible ice has a great effect and production needs an ice maker


Edible ice is an object that can be seen everywhere in […]

Edible ice is an object that can be seen everywhere in daily life and often overlooked. When you think about buying ice milk tea, you can see that the clerk puts square ice cubes in it; when you go to the coffee shop, you will often provide sugar cubes and ice cubes; when you go out for a buffet, seafood is often placed on a pile of ice cubes... The production of these diverse edible ices requires ice machines.

Usually the ice machine is equipped with a refrigeration system. When the water flows through the refrigeration system, it can transform into ice cubes of a specified thickness, and then use high-pressure hot gas for de-icing. According to the principle of the evaporator and the generation process, the shape of the generated ice is also different. According to the shape of the ice cubes produced, the ice machine can be divided into square ice machine, snowflake ice machine, pellet bullet ice machine, tube ice machine, flake ice machine, plate ice machine, shell ice machine Wait.

Different shapes of ice cubes are suitable for different dining places and have different functions. The shape of the ice cubes produced by the tube ice machine is irregular, with a hollow tubular length, which is not easy to melt. Therefore, it is suitable for the preservation of food in supermarkets, cafeterias, fishing boats, etc. It is suitable for use in seafood restaurants, sushi restaurants, etc.; ice cubes seen in milk tea shops, coffee shops, etc. are mostly cubes. Adding such ice cubes to drinks has better aesthetics and cooling effects. The role.

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